Mulberry Cottage has a purpose-built, high-quality early learning centre for children 6 weeks - 6 years. Introduction Video High Quality, Safe, Newcastle Childcare

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Our Philosophy


Based upon the interests, strengths and needs of your children, we will support & encourage them towards what they are drawn to


We believe that through encouraging and promoting participation with our families we can form lasting and meaningful relationships


As educators, we aim to maintain respectful and reciprocal relationships and interactions with all children, their families and each other


Through strengthening our connections and participation within the community, we build upon the children’s knowledge and understanding of the world

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Mulberry Cottage Early Learning Centre Newcastle

Here at Mulberry Cottage we pride ourselves on building the most strong, secure and reciprocal relationships with our families and children. We believe this is the cornerstone to build upon each individual relationship & thus provide the most meaningful and positive engagement for your child to thrive in their early education & care setting.

Our program is designed to cater to the needs of each child individually, supporting their needs, emerging autonomy and taking a strengths based approach to foster wellbeing and belonging.

With our open door approach and policy, we strive to build the most home like, comforting and innovative services we can, whilst sustaining the values of a family owned and operated early education and care service.

Meet the friendly faces at Mulberry Cottage

Our team of early childhood staff are qualified, experienced, caring and highly motivated. All hold or are working towards specialist qualifications in Early Childhood education.

We believe that the positive interactions children have with our staff are the most important component of our program and enable us to offer highest quality Newcastle childcare.

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Parent Reviews

We love Mulberry Cottage Nursery. Our little boy has been going since he was 7 months old and he loves it there. Seeing the excitement on his face every morning when we arrive is all the assurance I need to know we’ve found a great daycare. The educators are wonderful and we love how they work with us at helping our son reach each new milestone.

-Simone Cooke

“My daughter has been attending mulberry cottage since she was only a few months old. The educators there are like a second family to us, uphold such an incredible standard of professionalism and care and make each child feel so important and loved every single day. Their ability to be so hands on with both the children and the parents is great, I always feel so involved in the centre and the opinions of the families is always considered in such a productive way. I couldn’t recommend them more!”

-Lily Benson

We have loved both the Nursery and Centre for both our children. The ladies are so attentive and have the greatest bonds with the children. We are very sad to be moving on.

-Julee Anderson

“Mulberry Cottage is a caring, friendly environment for little humans to grow their interpersonal and educational skills in.”

-Luisa Jean

“Yes that’s what we appreciated about Mulberry Cottage.. there so graciously good with our precious Granddaughter Olivia… and they knew that she needed that extra love and care.. she was blessed with great wonderful encouragement and support and teaching there..! Thank you so much for the care of our Granddaughter while we were living down there”

-Gary & Janette

“Pam, you are a fabulous lady with a heart of gold. We couldn’t believe our luck when we landed a placement with Mulberry. We’d heard so many kind and encouraging compliments about you and your team, and consider it a great privilege that you took our Gracie under your wing”


“My son Jacob has been visiting Mulberry Cottage Centre since he was 18 months old and he has just graduated pre-school. Mulberry Cottage was recommended to me by a friend and even it was out of my zone where we were living at the time I enrolled Jacob with the Nursery and it ended up being the best decision I could have made. The team at The Nursery have been absolutely amazing throughout the whole journey. Every mum and dad understand how daunting and emotional it is to take your little precious baby to day care, leave them there and feel that they are in good hands of professionals and knowing your baby is taken care of. The team at the Nursery and later on at the Early Learning Centre are so friendly, caring and knowledgeable. They provide an amazing communications including stories and photos you receive via an app from every day learning, activities and your child’s everyday adventures. So before you pick up your little one from school you already know what their day has been like and you can get excited to talk to them, about their day. Both centres are under the leadership of Pam Peterson who is an exceptional, caring and hard working lady, always available and forward thinking of how to improve both centres and give children the best possible care and education. Pam has an excellent team of loving, energetic, passionate and professional staff. They go above and beyond any expectations that any parent could have for their child. Hence I thoroughly recommend this centre to any prospective parents”


“I have been so happy with Mulberry Cottage Nursery and ELC from the day I made my first enquiry 4 years ago and recommend the centres to everyone. I will have had 3 children go through Mulberry Cottage come 2022 and I know that sending our kids there has been the best decision we could have made! Every single staff member is, without fail, absolutely amazing in their role. I can see how passionate and caring they are about looking after our children, and the kids are learning so much from the teachers and activities they provide. Myself and other parents/carers are always greeted with a smile. The girls always make time for me to tell me about the kids day, to offer ideas and advice and tell me what my little one has done that made them smile or laugh, or something my children have done that they know would make me proud. Pam is one of the amazing owners and I know she works hard to ensure the centre, staff and kids are well looked after. From what I’ve heard it’s not often the owner of a childcare centre is so actively involved, but it’s definitely working for MC! Pam is passionate and wonderful and should be proud of all of the work she has done!”


“My Children have been attending Mulberry Cottage since day one. My oldest son, now 8, was one of the first babies the nursery accepted, he started when he was 6 months old. Never have I been more grateful, and relieved to hear a voice as sweet and comforting as Pam’s.  Nothing has been too much trouble for any of the staff over the last 8 years. Everyone from Pam down have been the most sincere, helpful, loving and kind ladies I have ever encountered.  My oldest son has some sensory and anxiety issues, and anything extra he required was catered for, and the girls regularly sought out different sensory activities to help him continue to improve.  My youngest has also been attending he was 6 months old, he and his brother just adore the staff. Their friendly faces, the lovely, reassuring cuddles (sometimes for mum too!), their patience and kindness has always been what attracted me to Mulberry Cottage. I honestly do not have enough kind words to sing the praises of Pam, the girls, and the service we have received at Mulberry Cottage over the last 8 years. Some of the girls, and our beautiful Pammy, have become family to us and we are sad that we have reached kindy with our youngest, and won’t get to see the smiling faces of “our girlfriends” every day. There is honestly nowhere I would rather send any other children we may have, and highly recommend Pam and the team.”

-Sarah, Brendan, Max & Harry

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