Our Philosophy

Our primary aim and focus is to ensure that our service provides the highest quality care for our children and their families. Our aim focuses on our philosophy to be embedded deeply within our daily practice, providing a home away from home.

Meet the Owners


We know that our children grow, learn and develop in a variety of ways. Over the years, the Early Childhood Community has established that it is within strong and reciprocal relationships and that of play based learning that supports our children in the most positive and holistic way. These theories embedded within our philosophy, lend themselves to promoting a sense of agency and belonging, as children are given the opportunity to choose where, how and with whom they shall play and interact with.

Based upon the interests, strengths and needs of your children, we will support and encourage them towards what they are naturally and curiously drawn to as well as plan for their learning with clear intent. This will further guide our program and practice in capturing the individuality of each child and striving for the most positive outcomes.

Your child’s learning will be fostered and encouraged through both spontaneous and planned experiences (teacher provocation), peer guidance and most importantly the intrinsic motivation we all possess as human beings. However the learning occurs, we will adapt and shape our own practices to accommodate the learning styles of your child. We strive to play, grow and intentionally plan for your child, to support and guide their learning, development and sense of well being.


We believe that through encouraging and promoting participation with our families and maintaining open and clear communication, we can form lasting and meaningful relationships.

We recognise the voice of each child’s family, to be the most important in their lives and therefore value their contributions. We will continually strive towards listening, supporting and embracing every family’s values and cultural beliefs. As a service this allows us to care and nurture each child as they would be cared for in their own home.

We embrace culture and inclusion of diversity, firstly by ensuring we welcome and invite our families to share with us their own family context, and from there we can also build upon the context of the community in which we live.


As educators, we aim to maintain respectful and reciprocal relationships and interactions with all children, their families and each other. Through the promotion and support of ongoing learning through planning, observation, research and critically reflective practice, each staff member is dedicated and motivated towards seeking further knowledge and ideas regarding best practice for the children within our care.

This includes ongoing verbal and written communication with our families and keeping informed and up to date of the most relevant and supportive ways in which to enhance the holistic development of children to further enrich their lives, present and future.

These goals are achieved through daily communication with children, families, fellow colleagues and critical reflection each day.

We ensure meaningful engagement with the community and seeking professional development opportunities, which are vast and rich within our Hunter region.


Through strengthening our connections and participation within the community, we aim to build upon the children’s knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

Through this exposure we hope for our children to build the life skills in which to support growth and independence as well as knowledge and understanding of the diversity that makes up our community. These goals are achieved through consistently outsourcing relevant community agencies and utilising their wide range of resources available.

Through incursions, excursions and events we can provide our children and families with meaningful interactions and experiences. We also achieve this through ongoing and open communication to ensure our connections are meaningful and pertinent to the children, families and all stakeholders.

Our Service

As a service, we continue to strive towards not only improving our practice but also sustaining those embedded within the culture and context that serves our children, families and team to the best of our abilities.

We use critical reflection as a tool to ensure the provision of the highest quality care. Through positive role modelling, communication and ongoing support we aim to empower and support all members of our Mulberry Cottage family to have an active and all-inclusive role within the centre.

Our Environment is arranged by staff to create the most home like, comforting and supportive atmosphere , as we understand its importance to each individual child’s sense of belonging and security – the environment can also be considered the third teacher. Whether in or outside, each area will be arranged in a way to promote the health, safety and well being of each child by providing a variety of spaces lending to individual, small and large group interactions.

We also encourage as much family participation as possible, as outlined by our open–door policy.