Video Tour

Lullaby Lane

0-12 months

As you walk through Lullaby lane, you can see the room is set out in a way to ensure the children can freely explore and are within reach of each learning area, such as our book corner and creative arts space.

The children have access to all of the resources which are displayed on low shelves, tables and floor mats. Whilst this allows our children to explore freely and with wonder, the educators are able to maintain the highest level of supervision and individual care due to the low numbers of children allocated to each room. This allows our educators to take the time to truly get to know each child and their families, ensuring they are attuned to every one of their needs, in all aspects of their development.

Muck About Mountain

12-18 months

Muck About Mountain is filled with an abundant of light and space, lends to the children’s sense of wonder and learning as they can so freely explore and wander between the two areas which make up their quiet book corner to the larger space where all other learning centres are set up within the room.

When appropriate, the educators can open the door in to Adventure Island for the children to explore even more opportunities alongside their peers and watchful educators who will be also engaging in each experience with them, allowing them the opportunity to choose the space most desired, be it a quiet and peaceful reading experience to a fun and exciting science experiment.

Adventure Island

18-24 months

Adventure Island is set out in a way to bring our families and children together, particularly in the morning and afternoon times that we gather for family grouping. It is from this room that our children can engage in a variety of play including choices between being indoors or outdoors, moving freely with educators as a way to promote their interdependence and their emerging autonomy.

With a wide variety of resources and learning centres displayed, we strive to cater for the needs of all our children here at Mulberry Cottage to allow meaningful and sustained experiences in play and learning that will help prepare them for the developmental support as they grow and take each new step, particularly as we anticipate their transition to our Warabrook service.