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As children transition from the nursery to our Warabrook service, each child will be greeted by our educators who are well prepared for their arrival. The educators will ensure they have all of the information they need passed on from the nursery and be sure to maintain communication with families for a smooth transition for everyone.

This transition from the nursery will also be shared by one of your child’s educators who will move up in to the room from the Nursery to help promote a sense wellbeing and familiarity.

The space and layout of this room caters for all times and transitions within the day to be pleasant, from social and interactive meal times, peaceful and relaxing rest times to highly stimulating and individually planned experiences.


As the children move in to the Explorers room, thus will begin their introduction to our preschool program. This is an ongoing, holistic and flexible program catering to each child’s strengths and abilities. As they grow and learn alongside their peers and educators, this will be an ongoing progression as they move later into the Pioneers room and then eventually on to school.

To further support the children in the program, educators will provide opportunities for the Explorers and Pioneers to move freely between the two and therefore interact and engage with each other throughout the day.

Having the freedom to move between both rooms we aim to support the children in engaging in a wide variety of learning centres as they can freely gravitate towards areas of interest that are most suited to their age and stage of development, whilst supporting their sense of well being and agency.


The Pioneers room is set up in various ways to ensure a child focused and inclusive program aiming towards fostering the holistic development of children by allowing opportunities for them to hone in on the important skills to build a strong foundation for all future learning.

Through these individualised, play based and child focused practices, our educators will guide and encourage each child towards opportunities to engage in various language, literacy, science, numeracy, well being, social and emotional opportunities that are based upon the children’s own interests and desire to learn and also that of their educators and families understanding of the needs and abilities of each child.

The room structure and layout provides the space needed where the children can escape to quiet and relaxing havens or immerse themselves in the array of experiences provided by our educators for and with the children.