2021 saw a big change for Mulberry Cottage’s Early Childhood Centres. 

We have taken the opportunity to combine both our Baby’s Nursery, and Early Learning Centre, under the one roof at our Warabrook premises.

While we have made the move to the one location, we have maintained our Philosophy and belief that babies need their own, calm environment to feel safe secure and supported while being nurtured and guided in their development.

At the Early Learning Centre, we have now created a space at the front of the building for two infant rooms, and an inviting cot room. The staffing and ratios are kept the same as they always have been – with two rooms of eight children – to maximize the ability to provide individualised infant care to all children enrolled at our service.

Both rooms are nurtured by two Qualified Staff and one Trainee working towards their qualifications. This is because we understand that the legislative requirements are one staff member to four infants, but we know there are often times where the children require extra support and we have staffed above requirements to ensure that is provided.


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